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Panther Poetry Podcast

Welcome to the home of the Panther Poetry Podcast! Play episodes via the embedded players below or find them on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify!
Episode 1 We are so excited to present Panther Poetry, Jacoby Creek School's Oral Language Faire podcast! Our inaugural episode features Fiona from Ms. Jackson's class performing "Instructions" by Neil Gaiman. Enjoy!
Episode 2 This episode features Chloe from Mrs. House's second grade class performing Jim Henson's "Show Me More" by Jim Henson. Please share and enjoy!
Episode 3 This episode features Violet, from Ms. Couling's 6th grade class, sharing Praise Song for the Day by Elizabeth Alexander.
Episode 4 This episode features Jasmine from Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Biondo's third grade class, performing her original poem, "The Creek."
Episode 5 Please enjoy Gemma, from Ms. Couling's 6th grade class, performing "The Wreck of the Hesperus" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Episode 6 We're excited to share with you our first episode featuring two poet/performers. This is Dylin and Zella from Mrs. Dean's 2nd grade class, performing their original poem, "Colors."
Episode 7 Today's episode features our first Transitional Kindergarten student performer- Lucy from Mrs. Dominick's class. We hope it brightens your day!
Episode 8 Today's episode features Jenna from Mr. Dedini's 7th grade class performing "I Finished My Homework" by Kenn Nesbitt. Thanks for listening!
Episode 9 This episode features Logan from Ms. Jackson's fourth grade class, performing "Ma! Don't Throw that Shirt Out" by Jack Prelutsky. Thanks for listening!
Episode 10 A classic poem today, performed for you by Ceiba from Mrs. Pierce's third grade class. Please enjoy "The Owl and the Pussy-Cat" by Edward Lear.
Episode 11 Today, Zane from Mrs. Mielke's first grade class shares "What is Orange?" by Mary O'Neill. Enjoy!
Episode 12 Today, enjoy an Oral Language Faire classic, performed by Gabby and Pearl from Ms. Day's sixth grade class- "Sick," by Shel Silverstein.
Episode 13 Today, Zoe from Mrs. Nugent's fifth grade class performs another beloved loved classic, "The Walrus and the Carpenter," by Lewis Carroll. Enjoy!
Episode 14 An original poem for two voices today, written and performed for you by Nora and Phoebe from Mrs. Dean's second grade class. Please enjoy "Books."
Episode 15 Today, Erin from Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Biondo's third grade class shares the delightful poem "Help," by Shel Silverstein.
Episode 16 Please enjoy "Drinking Fountain" by Marchette Chute, brought to you by Cameryn from Mrs. McDowell's first grade class.
Episode 17 Enjoy the journey with today's poem from Nova in Mrs. Girard and Mrs. Biondo's third grade class-"Off the Trail," by Gary Snyder.
Episode 18 Today, Holly from Mrs. Dean's second grade class performs "Little Snail," by Langston Hughes. Enjoy!